Healixia is the Belgian community of all professionals active along the life cycle of medicines, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics & other health related products. Members are active in research & development (including pre-clinical, early clinical and later phases), medical affairs, safety, regulatory affairs and market access in industry, academia, investigator sites, authorities, regulatory bodies or in consultancy.

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    10 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Pioneering malaria challenge trials in Belgium: from theory to practice in a Phase I unit

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

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    13 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Advanced therapies: the demise of alchemy and rise of pharmacology

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

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    16 November '20

    Healixia webinar - The scientific approach to a virus epidemic

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

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  1. October 27, 2020

    New ESVAC report: antibiotic use continues to decline in animal husbandry in Europe.

    Source: FAMHP

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) published the tenth ESVAC report (European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption) about the sale of antibacterial agents for veterinary use in 2018. Further efforts remain necessary, in Belgium as well.

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  2. October 22, 2020

    Influenza vaccines: the FAMHP conducts a survey of all pharmacies.

    Source: FAMHP

    Griepvaccins: het FAGG doet een bevraging bij alle apotheken

    Vaccins contre la grippe: l'AFMPS mène une enquête auprès de toutes les pharmacies

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  3. October 20, 2020

    Coronavirus: Belgium agrees on procurement of Janssen's (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine candidate

    Source: FAMHP

    The European Commission is holding negotiations on behalf of the Member States for procurement procedures for COVID-19 vaccines and is presenting contracts to the Member States. In Belgium, the Advisory Committee responsible for the analysis of the procurement files issued a positive recommendation for Janssen's (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine candidate. The Interministerial Conference (IMC) for Public Health has followed the advice. Belgium will buy the vaccine when the it is authorised.

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