Healixia sponsorship

Healixia is the Belgian community of all professionals active along the life cycle of medicines, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics & other health related products. Members are active in research & development (including pre-clinical, early clinical and later phases), medical affairs, safety, regulatory affairs and market access in industry, academia, investigator sites, authorities, regulatory bodies or in consultancy.

Healixia provides development, education, training and networking opportunities across all members and disciplines. Healixia aims to further professionalize its members and concerned disciplines and is open to work with all relevant stakeholders towards a strong community of professionals in Belgium.

Healixia reaches out to more than 2000 professionals, members and contacts of Healixia (i.e. the 4 Domains: medical affairs, regulatory affairs, clinical research and early development), formerly members and contacts of BeAPP, BRAS, ACRP.be and BAPU.

Healixia is looking for sponsors that will help advance the mission of Healixia, but at the same time benefit from the advantages of sponsoring and co-branding with Healixia.

Premium Sponsorship Package: 2.950 euro (+21% VAT) for one year

  • Visibility with logo on overall communication channels: website (homepage), mailings (esp. the weekly Healixia Newsletter), powerpoints of Healixia-events, etc.

  • Contentpage on the Healixia-website with more details about your services, and the possibility to add news to that page

  • Possibility to place max. 2 rollups at the venue (catering/networking space) for the face-to-face cross-domain Healixia sessions (approximately 3 to 4 per year)

  • Two free tickets for your representatives to

    • the face-to-face Healixia sessions (except for multiple-day and/or specialised courses)

    • all online Healixia events

  • 2 free job postings (2 months online on Healixia website + 2-3 times in newsletter). Every extra job posting: 250 € (+ 21% VAT) instead of 750 € for non-members and 450 € for members.

  • Note that depending on the events, other specific event sponsors can be allowed for the Domain-specific activities

If interested, please contact info@healixia.be. Be advised that the Healixia Board has to confirm the sponsorship.

We thank our sponsors for their support:

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