Clinical Research

Healixia_ACRP.jpgThe domain Clinical Research (former provides global leadership to promote integrity and excellence for the clinical research profession.
For more than two decades it has been committed to advancing the knowledge, gain insights and improve the quality of professionals’ day to day work in clinical research.

We can rely on our Healixia Clinical Research Education Group for the elaboration of our trainings/events/sessions on the topics with a link to Clinical Research. You can find the members here:

  • Tim Weglewski - IQVIA
  • Dimiti Buytaert - Cellcarta
  • Veronique Lins - Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Siegfried Vanderbeke - Clinitude
  • Dr. Robert Lins
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    10 October '23

    Healixia Essentials webinar: Clinical Research roles and responsibilities


    This webinar is aimed at life science professionals who are not necessarily familiar with the Clinical Operations roles that come into play throughout the different stages of Clinical Trials.

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    19 October '23

    Healixia Clinical Conference 2023

    Save the date for our CLINICAL CONFERENCE 2023