Medical Affairs

Healixia_BeAPP.jpgThe Healixia Medical Affairs domain (former BeAPP) represents pharmaceutical medicine professionals working in or for the pharmaceutical industry. We are taking an ambassador role for Pharmaceutical Medicine, with focus on Medical Affairs.

Our mission:

  • be and make our members ambassadors for the profession of Medical Affairs
  • lobby for professional and professionalization in Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • organize education
  • be an network for our members

Academic Achievements

We strive to get Pharmaceutical Medicine (PM) officially recognized in Belgium.
These efforts led to:

  • the creation of Pharmed, a recognized educational program in PM (logo Pharmed with permission)
  • the creation of the Belgian College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (BCPM) in 2001, in conjunction with both Belgian Medicine Academia (Flemish and French speaking) and the Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • the introduction of an official request for recognition as specialist in “Pharmaceutical Medicine” in 2014.

Healixia Medical Affairs Education Group

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We can rely on our Healixia Medical Affairs Education Group for the elaboration of our trainings/events/sessions on the topics with a link to Medical Affairs. You can find the members here:

  • Michael Maris - AstraZeneca (President)
  • Sophie Vandervennet - Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Kristel Janssens - HealtHA
  • Ann Curias - Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Koen Raeymaekers - Amgen
  • Eva Leysen - AstraZeneca
  • Caroline Van den Eede - Amgen
  • Muriel Gazin - Galapagos
  • Philippe Vandeven - PV Consult
  • Sarah Tavernier - Daiichi Sankyo

Medical Affairs Agenda

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    27 June '22

    Webinar: Healixia essentials: what you should know about the RIP (Responsible person for Information and Publicity)


    The how, the why and the who: all you would like to know about the RIP (Responsible for Information and Publicity) when working outside regulatory affairs. This webinar is aimed at life science professionals who are not necessarily familiar with the term or who would like to learn more on it.

    Healixia Essentials: during several short sessions throughout the year, we tackle different terms, concepts or processes to keep all professionals up to speed with the essentials of the life sciences industry.

  2. scott-graham-5fNmWej4tAA-unsplash.jpg
    27 October '22

    Healixia Essentials: the role of the MSL (Medical Science Liaison)



    More information will follow soon.

  3. krakenimages-Y5bvRlcCx8k-unsplash.jpg
    08 November '22

    Webinar: the patient expert



    More information will follow soon.