The advantages of being a member of Healixia

  1. Networking opportunity with Healixia members (> 700 professionals from the life sciences industry and academia)
  2. A large offer of high-level and qualitative educational sessions on a variety of subjects
  3. Free attendance at the Healixia New Year’s Event
  4. Free attendance to several online lectures throughout the year
  5. Important member-reductions at other activities (networking events, conferences, courses, workshops…)
  6. An annual overview of attendance of our sessions
  7. Regular updates on the industry landscape via the weekly Healixia Newsletter
  8. The possibility to publish job offers on our website and in our newsletter at a reduced price.

Membership options at Healixia

Healixia is a community of professionals. Therefore, it is the individual professional who is member (at their personal name), regardless of who pays for the membership. A company can not be a member of Healixia, their employees can.

There are different types of membership possible at Healixia:

  • Individual membership: 275 € excl. VAT for 12 months.
  • Group membership: when 4 or more professionals working at the same company are member and membership is paid by the company, we offer a group membership. The first member pays 900 € for 12 months, every extra member from the same company pays 60 € excl. VAT for 12 months. Extra members can be added at any time throughout the year.

Become a Healixia member

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