Working as MD in pharma

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Check out this brochure that promotes careers in pharmaceutical medicine:

This brochure targets students and young physicians and is distributed at our Belgian universities and via LinkedIn.

Please feel free to share these brochure at your convenience, when presenting career opportunities to young physicians or young scientists interested in a career in pharmaceutical medicine.

“Pharmaceutical Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology”: new specialty for MDs in Belgium.

On Oct 31st 2023, the Ministerial Decree was published regarding the creation of a new specialty for Medical Doctors in Belgium: physician-specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology.

This is a major milestone in the further professionalization of this important role and will have significant impact for future talents in Belgium and for our health eco-system. It will strengthen research & development activities and contribute to the correct use of medicines, all in the benefit of patients.  

Belgium joins other countries in Europe to recognize Clinical Pharmacology as a specialty but it’s only the 4th country in Europe after UK, Switzerland, and Ireland to recognize Pharmaceutical Medicine as well.

A working group, bringing together representatives from industry (via Healixia) and from academia, has driven this initiative since 2017; building further on the work already done by earlier working groups in 2004-2010.

Healixia would like to congratulate and thank all working group members: Philippe Van de Borne (ULB), Régis Radermacker (ULiège), Erik Present (Galapagos), Bruno Flamion (UNamur), Jean-Luc Balligand (UCL), Sylvie Rottey (UGent), Alain Dupont (VUB), Bharati Shivalkar (Pfizer), Philippe Jorens (UAntwerp), Jan de Hoon (KU Leuven) and Robert Lins (Representative High Council).

Next step will be the set-up of this 4-year educational track for MDs in Belgium.

Healixia is very proud to be part of this journey and realizing one of his major objectives: ensuring the further professionalization of the pharmaceutical professionals in Belgium.

Please find a link to Ministerial Decree here.