healixia award

The Healixia Award is a yearly tradition that was introduced in 2022. As a community of professionals, it is important to keep up with what is happening within our sector, in all the different domains we represent. Via this award, we want to honor a professional who made or makes a major contribution to our life science eco-system in Belgium and the mission of our organization. 



For the third edition, nominations for the award were made by the board members, after which our members and all life science professionals were able to choose the winner by voting. Benoit Macq is an eminent academic who creates impact across institutions and disciplines, making an important difference in life sciences and healthcare.

This is also the year we decided to switch to a sustainable, bamboo-made award.

Healixia award 2024


The winner of the second edition was voted by the Healixia board members, after receiving nominations from our members. Robert Lins is someone who has  made remarkable contributions not only to healthcare in general, but who is a real pioneer when it comes to clinical research.

Healixia award 2023


The winner of the first edition of the Healixia award was the late Noël Wathion for his remarkable professional contribution to the Pharmaceutical Regulatory landscape.

healixia award 2022