Healixia saw the light of day early 2020. Below you find all the past events of Healixia, and - for the sake of completeness - also of the former associations (ACRP, BAPU, BeAPP and BRAS) that joined forces within Healixia. 

Past events

  1. agenda items (1).png
    27 June '22

    Webinar: Healixia essentials: what you should know about the RIP (Responsible person for Information and Publicity)


    The how, the why and the who: all you would like to know about the RIP (Responsible for Information and Publicity) when working outside regulatory affairs. This webinar is aimed at life science professionals who are not necessarily familiar with the term or who would like to learn more on it.

    Healixia Essentials: during several short sessions throughout the year, we tackle different terms, concepts or processes to keep all professionals up to speed with the essentials of the life sciences industry.

  2. EUFEMED agenda
    14 June '22

    Eufemed General Assembly 2022 (members only)

    On behalf of the EUFEMED Board, you are kindly invited to the EUFEMED General Assembly 2022. It will be a virtual event; you will receive the dial-in information shortly.

    As EUFEMED needs to register the attendees, we kindly ask you to confirm your presence by registering, if you are planning to attend (Healixia members only - login first to register). 

  3. agenda items (11).jpg
    09 June '22

    Healixia Spring Barbecue and Networking Event


    Join us at the end of spring for an informal get-together, where you can meet long-known and new peers over some good food and drinks.

    Don't miss the keynote by Thierry Geerts, Country Director at Google Belgium, on his book 'Homo Digitalis' and his view on the impact of digital revolution on healthcare! Every participant receives a copy of his book.

  4. the-climate-reality-project-Hb6uWq0i4MI-unsplash.jpg
    09 June '22

    Healixia General Assembly 2022 (members only)


    On the agenda: 

    • Approval activity report and financials Healixia 2021
    • Approval action plan and budget Healixia 2022
    • Mandates Board Members: ‘discharge’, election Board 2023-2025


    • 16h45: Registration
    • 17h00: General Assembly
  5. online.jpg
    03 June '22

    Webinar: IB for an early phase/FIH trial: more than just a regulatory document

    This online workshop will discuss the IB (Investigator's Brochure) structure, content and quality as important topics for all parties involved in planning, set-up, conduct and interpretation of a clinical study. Some practical highlights will be shared on challenges on writing a “good” IB for a FIH/Early Phase trial on the one hand, and on how to use it for an optimal benefit-risk assessment on the other hand. 

  6. classroom.jpg
    12 May '22

    Advanced Course CTD module 3 - Quality section 2022


    This two-day course is intended to provide an in depth knowledge and understanding of the main principles and concepts of the Quality part of the Common Technical Document. 

  7. national-cancer-institute-NFvdKIhxYlU-unsplash.jpg
    28 April '22

    Webinar: the impact of Covid-19 on clinical trial execution at investigational sites and sponsors

    Online meeting

    In this webinar, the results of conducted research on the impact of Covid-19 on clinical trial execution will be discussed by Prof. Yves Geysels (Dept of Biomedical Sciences, University of Namur) and Florent Piraux.

  8. nani-chavez-EKHB_4kEYzw-unsplash.jpg
    24 March '22

    Healixia Annual Conference: Current and future trends in patient centric solutions for healthcare


    Healixia Annual Conference 2022: Current and future trends in patient centric solutions for healthcare.

  9. j-kelly-brito-PeUJyoylfe4-unsplash.jpg
    22 February '22

    Webinar - Innovation in Healthcare: Current and future trends

    Online meeting

    In this webinar, Giovanni Briganti will introduce the field of AI in healthcare, starting from a scientific standpoint to clinical applications, as well as the promise and challenges that it entails for the Belgian Landscape.

  10. link Linked'In.jpg
    01 February '22

    Healixia New Year's Event WILL NOT TAKE PLACE

    Due to COVID, our planned New Year's Event will not take place.

  11. compliance (1).jpeg
    07 December '21

    Healixia conference: Medical Devices

    Online conference.

    This training course is intended for both manufacturers and distributors of medical devices/ in vitro medical devices and will address various questions/issues under the MDR/IVDR.

  12. brano-Mm1VIPqd0OA-unsplash.jpg
    30 November '21

    Webinar - Gene Therapy Clinical Trial Applications: the proof is in the pudding

    Online meeting

    During this session, an overview will be provided of both the overarching European GMO legislation as well as the GMO regulatory framework and procedures in Belgium and how this impacts the Clinical Trial Application process for gene therapy clinical trials in Belgium.

  13. Online meetup.jpg
    23 November '21

    Healixia session - Learnings from the current pandemic: can these benefit patients?

    Free online session.

    In June 2021, Noël Wathion retired as Deputy Executive Director EMA. Over the past two years, he has been able to fully utilize his expertise and management skills to master the consequences of the Covid-19 storm. On November 23, he will share his learnings from the current pandemic with us.

  14. Online sessie2.jpg
    07 October '21

    Expected trends in the CRO industry

    Online meeting


    • Prof. Yves Geysels, Dept of Biomedical Sciences, University of Namur
    • Omer Saka - Partner - Life Sciences and Health Care at PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory, Capital Projects & Infrastructure

  15. classroom_web.jpg
    04 October '21

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2021


    The course is addressed to people new to regulatory affairs who want to acquire a comprehensive foundation; to regulatory professionals wishing to update their knowledge, and to all collaborators working in close relationship with regulatory affairs and wishing to understand the role of the department.

  16. online event_newsletter
    16 September '21

    Healixia webinar: Pharmacovigilance


    Online meeting about

    • Methods for safety assessment of Covid-19 vaccines at the European level (Xavier Kurz, EMA) incl. Q&A
    • Best practices regarding inspections of the Belgian authorities and remote inspections (Evelien GERITS, Infarama) incl. Q&A

  17. Online sessie2.jpg
    14 September '21

    Recognition of Pharmaceutical Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology as a specialty for MDs in Belgium: a status update.


    Online meeting

    During this webinar, a status update will be provided on the recognition of Pharmaceutical Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology as a specialty for Medical Doctors in Belgium. 

  18. Online sessie2.jpg
    18 June '21

    Does price transparency for innovative medicines lead to lower prices?


    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Walter Van Dyck

  19. Online sessie2.jpg
    15 June '21

    Understanding biomarkers in immune therapy



    • Yannick Waumans - Global Head Pathology, Imaging and Quantification at CellCarta

  20. online event_newsletter
    27 May '21

    Session on Food supplements


    Confirmed speakers:

    • Leen Rasschaert - FAVV-AFSCA
    • Valerie Vercammen - be-sup
  21. General Meeting.jpg
    21 May '21

    Healixia General Assembly (members only)


    On the agenda: 

    • activity report and financials Healixia 2020
    • approval action plan and budget 2021
  22. Online sessie2.jpg
    20 May '21

    From EMA authorization to market access in Luxembourg



    • Anna Chioti - Head of Division Pharmacy and Medicines at Luxembourg Health Directorate
    • Sonia Franck - Secretary-General at APL

  23. online event_newsletter
    04 May '21

    Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) – 2 years later (online)



    • Jean-Pierre Engels - General Manager of the Belgian Verification Organisation
    • Jan Depoorter - Expert FMD - Europe at APB
    • Morgane franck - Quality Manager/QP/RP - Movianto
  24. Online sessie2.jpg
    23 April '21

    Digitization within Medicine, the Belgian eHealth case


    Frank Robben, general manager of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security.

  25. Online sessie2.jpg
    23 March '21

    The evolving role of MSLs

    Speaker: Samuel Dyer - CEO and Chairman of the Medical Science Liaison Society and author of several publications, articles, and an Amazon #1 Best Selling book on the subject of the MSL career.

  26. Online sessie2.jpg
    16 March '21

    Towards a global implementation of eConsent in clinical trials


    • Lou Guffroy, Dept of Biomedical Sciences, University of Namur
    • Prof. Yves Geysels, Dept of Biomedical Sciences, University of Namur
  27. Online sessie2.jpg
    11 February '21

    Public Affairs & Medical Affairs, pharma’s perfect couple


    Stefaan Fiers - Head Corporate Communications, Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy at Takeda Belgium

  28. Online sessie2.jpg
    21 January '21

    The Sustainable Development Goals: impact on our business and your job

    Sustainable Development Goals are ubiquitous, also in the pharmaceutical industry. But how do organisations incorporate the SDGs? And what influence does this have on the individual employee? 

  29. Clinical.jpg
    08 December '20

    Impact of Covid-19 on clinical trial execution


    • Muriel Lins
    • Teresa Lamantia
  30. classroom_web.jpg
    03 December '20

    Session Medical Devices (online)

    On the agenda:

    • State of play on MDR and IVDR implementation
    • Medical Devices Regulations: Should the pharma industry be concerned?
    • Lessons learned from the first MDR and IVDR projects 
    • Evaluation old pact and elements new pact: Industry perspective
  31. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    30 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Patient preference and engagement: reality or myth?


    • Isabelle Huys and Rosanne Janssens (KU Leuven)
    • Danielle Derijcke (MSD Belgium). She will speak on behalf of EUPATI Belgium.
  32. medical.png
    27 November '20

    The evolving role in Medical affairs: our increasing role in market access (online)

    With Patricia van Dijck - Market Access & Public Affairs Director at GSK Belux

  33. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    24 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Value based pricing: are outcome-based market entry agreements the future?

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  34. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    16 November '20

    Healixia webinar - The scientific approach to a virus epidemic

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  35. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    13 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Advanced therapies: the demise of alchemy and rise of pharmacology

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  36. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    10 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Pioneering malaria challenge trials in Belgium: from theory to practice in a Phase I unit

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  37. Online sessie2.jpg
    22 October '20

    CTR Session (online)

    On the agenda:

    • Implementation CTR EU and national 
    • EU PD Portal: status update 
    • Future training 
    • Role of the College and ethics committee
    • Pilot projects with reflections from:
      • FAMHP
      • Academic sponsors
      • Industry
  38. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    14 October '20

    Healixia's journey - Let's connect

    We invite you to our Healixia's journey - let's connect: multiple webinars from our 4 domains: whenever and wherever you want!

  39. online event_newsletter
    05 October '20

    Video on demand Pharmacovigilance

    We offer you the opportunity to follow the session Pharmacovigilance on demand. Be careful: once you have registered, you will have to pay for this session. 

  40. online event_newsletter
    29 September '20

    Session Pharmacovigilance (online)

    This session has been organized for years by the domain 'Regulatory affairs' and is highly rated by participants of previous editions. This year the following themes will be discussed: 

    • Pharmacovigilance Signals
    • Pharmacovigilance inspections: preparation and inspection 
    • Business continuity planning

  41. classroom_web.jpg
    28 September '20

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2020 (complete)


    The course is addressed to people new to regulatory affairs who want to acquire a comprehensive foundation; to regulatory professionals wishing to update their knowledge, and to all collaborators working in close relationship with regulatory affairs and wishing to understand the role of the department.

  42. medical.png
    25 September '20

    The Anticancer Fund – starts where others stop (online)

    This will be an online session.


    • Dr. Guy Buyens, Medical Director
    • Dr. Gabry Kuijten, Coordinating Physician, My Cancer Navigator
  43. lecture.jpg
    22 September '20

    Digitization of research sites for clinical research: challenges and opportunities (online)

    This will be an online session.

    Digital transformation of a research site is a complex, resource-intensive, and lengthy undertaking with many challenges, that can cover the entire process of clinical research allowing data to be used much more effectively and efficiently for patient-centered research.

  44. Online meetup.jpg
    29 April '20

    Healixia online meetup: the impact of COVID 19 on the FAMHP

    During this online meetup, we will look into the impact of COVID 19 on the FAMHP and FAMHP related topics.
    You can ask your work-related questions concerning the COVID 19-crisis to Greet Musch, General-director at FAMHP.

  45. 02 March '20

    BeAPP Professional Development Meeting

  46. medical.png
    07 February '20

    Lunchmeeting: Medical Affairs Competence Profile, developed by NVFG


    The responsibilities and visibility of the Medical Affairs Department continue to increase, and Medical Affairs departments are growing in size and budgets.

    New roles, such as the MSL, have been created and responsibilities are being shifted within the department.

  47. HEALIXIA-NYE2020.png
    23 January '20

    New Year's Event


    New Year's event  Ri De Ridder - "Why our health care should perform much better"

  48. 03 December '19

    BRAS Session on Medical Devices 2019

  49. 29 November '19

    Belgium, a magnet for life sciences, thanks to ambitious choices

  50. 28 November '19

    BRAS Advanced Course CTD module 3 - Quality section 2019

  51. 26 November '19

    Shortage of drugs (including unavailability's FAMHP platform)

  52. 14 October '19

    BRAS Symposium 2019

  53. 27 September '19

    KCE Trials

    KCE Trials, Frank Hulstaert, KCE

  54. 24 September '19

    BRAS Session Pharmacovigilance 2019

  55. 04 June '19

    Launch event ACRP.be/BeAPP/BRAS

  56. 04 June '19

    Joint Event ACRP.be, BeAPP and BRAS

  57. 21 May '19

    BRAS General Meeting 2019

  58. 13 May '19

    BRAS Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2019

  59. 10 May '19

    University Curricula in Belgium: prepared for the future!?

  60. 22 February '19

    2019 FAMHP update

    Update by Greet Musch, FAMHP

  61. 17 January '19

    BeAPP new years? event ?After a career abroad. One year back in Belgium : my observations and reflections?

  62. 13 December '18

    BRAS Session on Medical Devices

  63. 07 December '18

    Challenges and opportunities for medical Apps in Belgium

  64. 04 December '18

    BRAS session on Market Access

  65. 22 October '18

    BRAS Symposium 2018

  66. 19 October '18

    How is PATIENT ENGAGEMENT changing the pharma industry?

  67. 25 September '18

    BRAS Session on RMP / RMA

  68. 11 September '18

    Session 2018 on Clinical Trials

  69. 21 June '18

    Stay tuned with the latest developments within Regulatory Affairs: an overview of the latest legislation and guidelines

  70. 15 June '18

    Novelties in pharmacology 2017-2018

  71. 14 June '18

    Introduction to regulatory and legal framework for biobanks

  72. 28 May '18

    BRAS Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2018

  73. 27 April '18

    KCE and KCE Trials, an update

  74. 22 March '18

    Presentation on 'Journey of a Data Privacy Officer: industry perspectives and experience gained from the new EU GDPR'

  75. 02 March '18

    2nd Medical Affairs Day

  76. 02 February '18

    Update on Clinical Trials in Belgium

  77. 18 January '18

    BeAPP New Years? Event: A wealth of compounds in development in onco-immunology : hope for patients but a challenge for commercial succes

  78. 14 December '17

    Session on clinical trials - NEW DATE

  79. 05 December '17

    Pharmacovigilance 2017

    Update on Pharmacovigilance topics

  80. 28 November '17

    Session on Medical Devices 2017

  81. 17 November '17

    The Pact of the Future and its impact on the Belgian Healthcare Landscape

  82. 16 November '17

    BRAS Advanced Course CTD module 3 ? Quality section

  83. 24 October '17

    BRAS Symposium 2017

  84. 22 September '17

    Sunshine Act: what?s in it for me as pharmaceutical professional?

  85. 21 September '17

    Workshop on Market access in a hospital environment ? future challenges

  86. 16 June '17

    The Belgian Commission for Medicines for Human Use

  87. 13 June '17

    Session on Veterinary matters

  88. 16 May '17

    Session on borderline products (medicinal products/medical devices/food supplements/etc.)

  89. 08 May '17

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs - 2017

  90. 21 April '17

    Rare diseases

    Lunch session on rare diseases

  91. 28 March '17

    Presentation of the ?Trait? de droit pharmaceutique? + BRAS General Meeting

  92. 14 March '17

    BRAS Workshop on Art. 81 agreements with the authorities

  93. 10 March '17

    MSL, MA, MM, MAM, MD ?. this is your day

  94. 31 January '17

    Session on Counterfeiting

  95. 19 January '17

    New Year's event

    Medical Affairs New year's events 2017

  96. 16 December '16

    The future health ecosystem ? The new rules to win

  97. 01 December '16

    The evolving sickness funds - Final Programme

  98. 24 November '16

    BRAS Symposium 2016

    Annual BRAS Symposium 2016

  99. 15 November '16

    Data generation and eHealth?

  100. 06 October '16

    Clinical Trial session 2016

  101. 28 September '16

    How to integrate the Belgian price measures in ...

  102. 23 September '16

    Health Policy in Belgium

    Lunch meeting on health policy in Belgium

  103. 17 June '16

    Business acumen for medical department members

  104. 14 June '16

    Regulatory Data Management

  105. 17 May '16

    BRAS Introduction to Pricing & Reimbursement in Belgium

  106. 12 May '16

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs

  107. 29 April '16

    FAGG update

    Update from FAMHP 2016

  108. 28 April '16

    Market Access - A practical advanced workshop on Health Economics

  109. 26 April '16

    Workshop from Auto-Control to Co-Responsibility

  110. 03 March '16

    Medical Devices session

  111. 26 February '16

    How is EMA/Europe Impacting our life in the Belgian pharma industry?

  112. 26 January '16

    BRAS General Meeting + dinner

  113. 01 January '16

    Market Access Workshop on Generic Entry

  114. 26 November '15

    Pharmacovigilance session

  115. 19 November '15

    Advanced Course CTD Mod 3

  116. 22 October '15

    BeAPP Educational Program Session 2

  117. 13 October '15

    BRAS Symposium 2015 - Patient of the future: role of regulatory affairs

  118. 29 September '15

    Clinical trial session 2015

  119. 25 September '15

    BeAPP Expert meeting ?Communication?

  120. 10 September '15

    Workshop on Budget Impact Calculation

  121. 12 June '15

    BeAPP Expert meeting & General Assembly

  122. 07 May '15

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2015

  123. 02 April '15

    BRAS Workshop on Biopharmaceuticals

  124. 27 March '15

    BeAPP Expert meeting ?eHealth?

  125. 26 March '15

    Social Media


  126. 23 February '15

    Advanced Course CTD Mod 5

  127. 03 February '15

    BRAS General Meeting + Dinner

  128. 19 December '14

    New Year's Event

    Medical Affairs New year's event

  129. 09 December '14

    Promotional Material

    BRAS session on Promotional Material

  130. 04 December '14

    BRAS Workshop on Registries, observational studies and ...

  131. 13 October '14

    TOPRA Annual Symposium

  132. 02 October '14

    Introduction to Pricing & Reimbursement in Belgium

  133. 23 September '14

    Market Access in a hospital environment

  134. 19 June '14

    Market Access - Workshop on Art. 81

  135. 17 June '14

    BRAS session on ASMF (Active Substance Master File)

  136. 06 June '14

    Engagement with medical experts and patient centricity

  137. 22 May '14

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs - 2014

  138. 21 May '14

    The new European Regulation on Clinical Trials: An opportunity for Belgium to consolidate its leading position

  139. 13 May '14

    BRAS General Meeting & 25th Anniversary

  140. 24 April '14

    Advanced Therapies and Personalised Medicines

  141. 28 March '14

    Status update on Pharmaceutical Medicine & General Assembly

  142. 20 March '14

    17th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM 2014)

  143. 13 March '14

    Medical Devices session : new Belgian legislation and update on ...

  144. 20 December '13

    New Years? Event (BeAPP members only)

  145. 03 December '13

    BRAS Workshop on Budget Impact Calculation

  146. 29 November '13

    Lunch meeting ? The Initiative to Promote Clinical Trials in Belgium

  147. 21 November '13

    Advanced Course CTD Module 3

  148. 14 November '13

    BRAS Symposium 2013

    BRAS European symposium 2013

  149. 24 October '13


    Session on Pharmacovigilance 

  150. 27 September '13

    Lunch meeting ? When does your Medical App becomes a medical device ? And what are the consequences for roll-out ?