Does price transparency for innovative medicines lead to lower prices?

All presentations will be in English 

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Walter Van Dyck - Director Healthcare Management Centre - Vlerick Business School

The development of new and innovative medicines is a costly and time-consuming process. Typically, they are patent-protected, intended to cure diseases with high unmet need. That often makes the development cost of such medicines relatively high. At present, this innovation-driven medicine development market is characterized by confidential agreements. Each of the reimbursement authorities of the individual European countries negotiates with the pharmaceutical companies to determine the cost price and reimbursement of a medicine. Any discounts on the official list price of that medicine are confidential. Proponents of price transparency argue that openness will lead to lower prices for all countries, and thus to better access to those medicines for more patients in more countries. After all, if all the discounts are made public, everyone can demand the same low prices. But is this really the case? In this one hour webinar, Prof. Van Dyck will explain you what would happen if there would be a clear price transparency.


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