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With our 'Healixia Academy', we offer a range of highly educational and qualitative sessions, both cross-domain and domain specific. With a mix of advanced courses (1 - 2 days), conferences en shorter (online) sessions on a variety of topics, we help our members in their professional growth. Want to know more? Have a look at what Healixia Academy offers throughout the year.


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    03 June '22

    Webinar: IB for an early phase/FIH trial: more than just a regulatory document

    This online workshop will discuss the IB structure, content and quality as important topics for all parties involved in planning, set-up, conduct and interpretation of a clinical study. Some practical highlights will be shared on challenges on writing a “good” IB for a FIH/Early Phase trial on the one hand, and on how to use it for an optimal benefit-risk assessment on the other hand. 

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    09 June '22

    Healixia General Assembly 2022 (members only)


    On the agenda: 

    • Approval activity report and financials Healixia 2021
    • Approval action plan and budget Healixia 2022
    • Mandates Board Members: ‘discharge’, election Board 2023-2025
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    09 June '22

    Healixia Spring Barbecue and Networking Event


    Join us at the end of spring for an informal get-together, where you can meet long-known and new peers over some good food and drinks.

    Don't miss the keynote by Thierry Geerts, Country Director at Google Belgium, on his book 'Homo Digitalis' and his view on the impact of digital revolution on healthcare! Every participant receives a copy of his book.

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    27 June '22

    Webinar: Healixia essentials: what you should know about the RIP (Responsible for Information and Publicity)


    The how, the why and the who: all you would like to know about the RIP when working outside regulatory affairs.

    More information will follow soon!

    Healixia Essentials: during several short sessions throughout the year, we tackle different terms, concepts or processes to keep all professionals up to speed with the essentials of the life sciences industry.

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    09 September '22

    Webinar: How to use the IB in de-risking FiH study


    More information will follow soon!

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    13 September '22

    Webinar: The sources of life sciences regulations - part I: Medical devices


    More information will follow soon!

    This webinar is part of a series of 2 webinars.

    Second webinar: November 22, 2022 from 13h00 to 14h00: The sources of life scineces regulations - part II: medicinal products.

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    20 September '22

    Healixia session on GxP interactions


    Save the date!

    During this session, we will tackle the required departmental (inter)actions for ensuring full GxP compliance. The Marketing Authorization Holder’s responsibilities will be highlighted within the legal framework of the different good practice guidelines (GMP, GDP, GVP…).

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    18 October '22

    Webinar: The sources of life sciences regulations - part II: Medicinal products


    More information will follow soon!

    This webinar is part of a series of 2 webinars.

    First webinar: September 13, 2022 from 13h00 to 14h00: The sources of life scineces regulations - part I: medical devices

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    20 October '22

    Healixia Clinical Conference 2022

    Save the date!

    More information will follow soon.

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    17 November '22

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2022


    Save the date!

    The course is addressed to people new to regulatory affairs who want to acquire a comprehensive foundation; to regulatory professionals wishing to update their knowledge, and to all collaborators working in close relationship with regulatory affairs and wishing to understand the role of the department.


  1. Spring 2022 - Healixia workshop on RIP-role and RIP legislation (date TBC)

    We are planning a "RIP workshop session" in small groups, where you can discuss different cases, challenges, bumps in the road, best practices,... with peers. Each group will have a lead who is experienced in the RIP role and RIP legislation.

    We would love to have your input for this one!

    Read more

  2. Spring 2022 - Healixia Conference: Deep Dive into BeNeLuxA (date TBC)

    This is a hybrid event: you can attend live (Greenhouse Diegem) or online.

    Come and benchmark your current knowledge with actual insights and developments and receive practice advice, gain insight and discuss with peers about the challenges and opportunities.

    Read more

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