Healixia Academy

With our 'Healixia Academy', we offer a range of highly educational and qualitative sessions, both cross-domain and domain specific. With a mix of advanced courses (1 - 2 days), conferences en shorter (online) sessions on a variety of topics, we help our members in their professional growth. Want to know more? Have a look at what Healixia Academy offers throughout the year.


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    27 August '24

    Online infosession: Healixia runs to kick cancer (charity race on 29/09/2024)

    30' infosession on 'Run to Kick' on 29 September 2024, the charity race Healixia is participating in.

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    10 September '24

    Healixia Annual Barbecue and Networking Event


    Join us at the end of summer for an inspirational talk followed by an informal get-together, where you can meet long-known and new colleauges over some good food and drinks.

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    29 September '24

    Healixia Runs to Kick Cancer


    KickCancer has a beautiful mission: cure every child with cancer! Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

    RUN TO KICK is a charity race filled with festive, positive, light and moving moments. Participants can choose to run or walk 2, 5 or 10 km. Everybody can join!

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    04 October '24

    Healixia symposium: Strengthening the landscape for Early Phase clinical studies in Belgium


    Join us for an insightful afternoon.

    Now open for registration!

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    14 October '24

    Introduction to Medical Affairs - From Strategy to Execution Across the Product Lifecycle


    This in-depth course is addressed to Medical Affairs Professionals with 0 to 3 years experience, or professionals outside Medical Affairs with interest in Medical Affairs.

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    17 October '24

    Healixia Clinical Conference 2024


    Register now!

    Join us for a full day, including lunch, coffee breaks and networking reception. We touch upon different 'hot topics' in Clinical Research, including a CTR round table discussion.

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    05 November '24

    Healixia Essentials webinar: The role of KCE and KCE Trials in the Belgian healthcare landscape


    Come hear all about the KCE and KCE trials, presented by Frank Hulstaert, MD, MSc - senior researcher at KCE.

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    07 November '24

    Healixia online conference: Pharmacovigilance

    With speaker(s) of the FAMHP.

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    25 November '24

    Introduction to Regulatory Affairs 2024


    The course is addressed to people new to regulatory affairs who want to acquire a comprehensive foundation; to regulatory professionals wishing to update their knowledge, and to all collaborators working in close relationship with regulatory affairs and wishing to understand the role of the department.


  1. 2024 - The life cycle of ATMP's

    More information will follow soon!

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  2. 2024 - Update on Veterinary Regulatory Affairs

    More information will follow soon!

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  1. EUFEMED agenda
    20 September '24

    EUFEMED workshop: "Making the Investigator's Brochure truly fit for purpose in Early Medicines Development"

    September 20, 2024 (Friday), 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Venue: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, Dobra 55, Warsaw, Poland.