Healixia Academy

With our 'Healixia Academy', we offer a range of highly educational and qualitative sessions, both cross-domain and domain specific. With a mix of advanced courses (1 - 2 days), conferences en shorter (online) sessions on a variety of topics, we help our members in their professional growth. Want to know more? Have a look at what Healixia Academy offers throughout the year.

HEALIXIA AGENDA 2021-2022 (2)

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    27 January '23

    Healixia seminar: From CTD to CTR - How to keep Belgium attractive for early phase development in EU


    From January 2023 onwards all clinical trial applications, including phase 1 trials, need to be submitted according to the new Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR). In this meeting, all stakeholders are brought together and given the opportunity to express their perceived challenges and opportunities as we move into this new legislative framework.

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    02 February '23

    Healixia New Year's Event

    Antwerpen (Wilrijk)

    Join us for an inspirational talk and a networking drink to kick off 2023!

    Keynote: Wellbeing is key for business succes, by Gert Braeken, author of 'Het burn-outvaccin'.

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    16 February '23

    Webinar: Clinical Research in emerging markets


    In recent years an increasing share of clinical research is being conducted outside of the traditional markets such as US and Europe. With this webinar we would like to better understand these shifting dynamics by focusing on two countries in particular. The aim is to look at capacity building, to assess strengths and weaknesses of emerging markets for research and how this relates to what makes Belgium attractive today.

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    03 March '23

    Healixia lunchmeeting: Value Based Healthcare


    In this session, we will explore how value-based healthcare (VBHC) provides a philosophy and instrument to redirect our healthcare system. 

    Prof. Brecht Cardoen, Vlerick business school & KU Leuven, will sketch the theoretical framework on VBHC and its implementation. Prof. Dr. Jo Lambert, UZ Gent, illustrates this with real life examples from her own practice.

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    16 March '23

    Webinar: The sources of life sciences regulations - Pharmacovigilance


    This third session on the “Sources of life sciences regulation” is intended to provide the participants with a high-level overview of the pharmacovigilance legislation in the European Union and will include a specific part on the Belgian legislation.


  1. Spring 2023 - Healixia Annual Conference

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  2. Spring 2023 - Workshop for MA professionals

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  3. Spring 2023 - Healixia Conference: Deep Dive into BeNeLuxA

    Come and benchmark your current knowledge with actual insights and developments and receive practice advice, gain insight and discuss with peers about the challenges and opportunities.

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  4. 19 October 2023 - Healixia Clinical Conference

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  5. Fall 2023 - Introduction course to Regulatory Affairs

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  6. Fall 2023 - Webinar: the sources of life sciences regulations: Pricing and reimbursement

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    01 March '23

    IFAPP virtual training workshop: Introduction to the new EU Clinical Trial Regulation

    A free virtual training workshop on 01 and 02 March 2023 moderated by Dr Birka Lehmann and Dr Ingrid Klingmann.

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    13 March '23

    AFPT - Training 2023

    AFPT-Le Club Phase 1/EUFEMED/Université Paris-Saclay course: “Pre-Clinical and Clinical Safety in Early Development Human Trials”

    This course addresses postgraduates in life sciences interested in early clinical development of medicinal products. The training of several days provides a concise overview on safety in Human Pharmacology / Translational Medicine spanning from non-clinical pharmacology and toxicology over first-in-man to proof-of-concept clinical trials.