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With our 'Healixia Academy', we offer a range of highly educational and qualitative sessions, both cross-domain and domain specific. With a mix of advanced courses (1 - 2 days), conferences en shorter (online) sessions on a variety of topics, we help our members in their professional growth. Want to know more? Have a look at what Healixia Academy offers throughout the year.


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    18 October '22

    Webinar: The sources of life sciences regulations - part II: Medicinal products


    This session is the second part of a two-part training course on the “Sources of life sciences regulation”. It serves to provide participants with a high-level overview of the rules and regulations applicable to medicinal products for human use in the European Union. The session will include a specific part on the Belgian legislation. It will also provide the audience with practical tips on researching applicable laws.

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    27 October '22

    Healixia Essentials: the role and impact of the MSL (Medical Science Liaison) explained.


    The how, the why and the who: all you would like to know about the MSL (Medical Science Liaison). This webinar is aimed at life science professionals who are not very familiar with this role or who would like to learn more on it.

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    01 December '22

    Healixia Essentials: How does pharma.be defend the interests of the innovative pharma industry in Belgium?


    Face-to-face lunchmeeting.

    pharma.be is the voice of the innovative Belgian - human and veterinary medicine - pharmaceutical industry. As interest group it represents 130 both small and large innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies and is the centre of excellence for the industry.

    Come and learn more on how exactly pharma.be works to defend the interests of the pharma industry in Belgium and take the opportunity to meet your peers.


  1. Fall 2022 - Healixia Conference: Deep Dive into BeNeLuxA (date TBC)

    This is a hybrid event: you can attend live (Greenhouse Diegem) or online.

    Come and benchmark your current knowledge with actual insights and developments and receive practice advice, gain insight and discuss with peers about the challenges and opportunities.

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