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With our 'Healixia Academy', we offer a range of highly educational and qualitative sessions, both cross-domain and domain specific. With a mix of advanced courses (1 - 2 days), conferences en shorter (online) sessions on a variety of topics, we help our members in their professional growth. Want to know more? Have a look at what Healixia Academy offers throughout the year.


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    01 February '22

    Healixia New Year's Event WILL NOT TAKE PLACE

    Due to COVID, our planned New Year's Event will not take place.

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    22 February '22

    Webinar - Innovation in Healthcare: Current and future trends

    Online meeting

    In this webinar, Giovanni Briganti will introduce the field of AI in healthcare, starting from a scientific standpoint to clinical applications, as well as the promise and challenges that it entails for the Belgian Landscape.

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    24 March '22

    Healixia Annual Conference: Current and future trends in patient centric solutions for healthcare


    Healixia Annual Conference 2022: Current and future trends in patient centric solutions for healthcare.


  1. Spring 2022 - Healixia session on reimbursement options in Luxembourg (date TBC)

    At our Healixia session in May 2021, we presented the processes towards market access in Luxembourg. 

    As requested by many of you, we are organizing a follow-up session with the association pharmaceutique Luxembourgeoise (APL) in 2022.

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  2. Spring 2022 - Healixia Conference: Deep Dive into BeNeLuxA (date TBC)

    This is a hybrid event: you can attend live (Greenhouse Diegem) or online.

    Come and benchmark your current knowledge with actual insights and developments and receive practice advice, gain insight and discuss with peers about the challenges and opportunities.

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  3. Spring 2022 - Advanced Course CTD module 3 - Quality section (date TBC)

    This two-day course is intended to provide an in depth knowledge and understanding of the main principles and concepts of the Quality part of the Common Technical Document. 

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