Healixia saw the light of day early 2020. Below you find all the past events of Healixia, and - for the sake of completeness - also of the former associations (ACRP, BAPU, BeAPP and BRAS) that joined forces within Healixia. 

Past events

  1. beatriz-perez-moya-XN4T2PVUUgk-unsplash.jpg
    13 September '22

    Webinar: The sources of life sciences regulations - part I: Medical devices


    This first session on the “Sources of life sciences regulation” is intended to provide an overview of the main body of the legislation applicable to the placing on the market or making available of medical devices in the European Union. The session will include a specific part on the Belgian legislation. It will also provide the audience with practical tips on researching applicable laws.

  2. agenda items (1).png
    27 June '22

    Webinar: Healixia essentials: what you should know about the RIP (Responsible person for Information and Publicity)


    The how, the why and the who: all you would like to know about the RIP (Responsible for Information and Publicity) when working outside regulatory affairs. This webinar is aimed at life science professionals who are not necessarily familiar with the term or who would like to learn more on it.

    Healixia Essentials: during several short sessions throughout the year, we tackle different terms, concepts or processes to keep all professionals up to speed with the essentials of the life sciences industry.

  3. EUFEMED agenda
    14 June '22

    Eufemed General Assembly 2022 (members only)

    On behalf of the EUFEMED Board, you are kindly invited to the EUFEMED General Assembly 2022. It will be a virtual event; you will receive the dial-in information shortly.

    As EUFEMED needs to register the attendees, we kindly ask you to confirm your presence by registering, if you are planning to attend (Healixia members only - login first to register). 

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    09 June '22

    Healixia Spring Barbecue and Networking Event


    Join us at the end of spring for an informal get-together, where you can meet long-known and new peers over some good food and drinks.

    Don't miss the keynote by Thierry Geerts, Country Director at Google Belgium, on his book 'Homo Digitalis' and his view on the impact of digital revolution on healthcare! Every participant receives a copy of his book.

  5. the-climate-reality-project-Hb6uWq0i4MI-unsplash.jpg
    09 June '22

    Healixia General Assembly 2022 (members only)


    On the agenda: 

    • Approval activity report and financials Healixia 2021
    • Approval action plan and budget Healixia 2022
    • Mandates Board Members: ‘discharge’, election Board 2023-2025


    • 16h45: Registration
    • 17h00: General Assembly
  6. nani-chavez-EKHB_4kEYzw-unsplash.jpg
    24 March '22

    Healixia Annual Conference: Current and future trends in patient centric solutions for healthcare


    Healixia Annual Conference 2022: Current and future trends in patient centric solutions for healthcare.

  7. j-kelly-brito-PeUJyoylfe4-unsplash.jpg
    22 February '22

    Webinar - Innovation in Healthcare: Current and future trends

    Online meeting

    In this webinar, Giovanni Briganti will introduce the field of AI in healthcare, starting from a scientific standpoint to clinical applications, as well as the promise and challenges that it entails for the Belgian Landscape.

  8. link Linked'In.jpg
    01 February '22

    Healixia New Year's Event WILL NOT TAKE PLACE

    Due to COVID, our planned New Year's Event will not take place.

  9. Online meetup.jpg
    23 November '21

    Healixia session - Learnings from the current pandemic: can these benefit patients?

    Free online session.

    In June 2021, Noël Wathion retired as Deputy Executive Director EMA. Over the past two years, he has been able to fully utilize his expertise and management skills to master the consequences of the Covid-19 storm. On November 23, he will share his learnings from the current pandemic with us.

  10. online event_newsletter
    16 September '21

    Healixia webinar: Pharmacovigilance


    Online meeting about

    • Methods for safety assessment of Covid-19 vaccines at the European level (Xavier Kurz, EMA) incl. Q&A
    • Best practices regarding inspections of the Belgian authorities and remote inspections (Evelien GERITS, Infarama) incl. Q&A

  11. Online sessie2.jpg
    14 September '21

    Recognition of Pharmaceutical Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology as a specialty for MDs in Belgium: a status update.


    Online meeting

    During this webinar, a status update will be provided on the recognition of Pharmaceutical Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology as a specialty for Medical Doctors in Belgium. 

  12. General Meeting.jpg
    21 May '21

    Healixia General Assembly (members only)


    On the agenda: 

    • activity report and financials Healixia 2020
    • approval action plan and budget 2021
  13. Online sessie2.jpg
    21 January '21

    The Sustainable Development Goals: impact on our business and your job

    Sustainable Development Goals are ubiquitous, also in the pharmaceutical industry. But how do organisations incorporate the SDGs? And what influence does this have on the individual employee? 

  14. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    30 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Patient preference and engagement: reality or myth?


    • Isabelle Huys and Rosanne Janssens (KU Leuven)
    • Danielle Derijcke (MSD Belgium). She will speak on behalf of EUPATI Belgium.
  15. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    24 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Value based pricing: are outcome-based market entry agreements the future?

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  16. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    16 November '20

    Healixia webinar - The scientific approach to a virus epidemic

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  17. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    13 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Advanced therapies: the demise of alchemy and rise of pharmacology

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  18. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    10 November '20

    Healixia webinar - Pioneering malaria challenge trials in Belgium: from theory to practice in a Phase I unit

    Healixia's journey - let's connect: webinar 

  19. Online sessie2.jpg
    22 October '20

    CTR Session (online)

    On the agenda:

    • Implementation CTR EU and national 
    • EU PD Portal: status update 
    • Future training 
    • Role of the College and ethics committee
    • Pilot projects with reflections from:
      • FAMHP
      • Academic sponsors
      • Industry
  20. Traject - website bij events.jpg
    14 October '20

    Healixia's journey - Let's connect

    We invite you to our Healixia's journey - let's connect: multiple webinars from our 4 domains: whenever and wherever you want!

  21. Online meetup.jpg
    29 April '20

    Healixia online meetup: the impact of COVID 19 on the FAMHP

    During this online meetup, we will look into the impact of COVID 19 on the FAMHP and FAMHP related topics.
    You can ask your work-related questions concerning the COVID 19-crisis to Greet Musch, General-director at FAMHP.

  22. HEALIXIA-NYE2020.png
    23 January '20

    New Year's Event


    New Year's event  Ri De Ridder - "Why our health care should perform much better"