Healixia Runs to Kick Cancer

As of 2024, Healixia will make an annual donation to charity as we consider it our social responsibility, being a not-for-profit organization. The charity chosen must be a Belgian initiative and related to healthcare. We want to combine this support to a charity with networking/community building so that our members are optimally involved in this initiative. For 2024, it was decided to support KickCancer. 

KickCancer has a beautiful mission: cure every child with cancer! Find new treatments, improve existing ones, and kick children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

RUN TO KICK is a charity race filled with festive, positive, light and moving moments. Have a look at the aftermovie of the 2023 edition! Participants can choose to run or walk 2, 5 or 10 km. Everybody can join!


  1. Register as a participant using this Healixia team link. You will be able to create your own page, as part of the Healixia team (free registration).
  2. Each participant pledges to collect at least €200 in donations. Of this, Healixia automatically takes €100, so the participant must raise another €100 (or more).
  3. Once your page as a participant is created, you can start raising donations. You can find, amongst all other useful information, tips and tricks to fundraise like a champ using this link.

Check here the current Healixia team that will run to kick cancer!