Healixia webinar - Value based pricing: are outcome-based market entry agreements the future?

Developed countries struggle with their healthcare budget, as the available spending has remained stable over the years, but the cost is increasing. Recent breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals may lessen the burden of illness for patients and the broader society, but there are also concerns as these new, innovative treatments come with a higher cost and this might be a barrier to their introduction. Value-based pricing (VBP), defined as any pricing system where the maximum price healthcare payers are willing to reimburse is based on healthcare outcomes and the relative economic and clinical benefits provided to stakeholders, is a concept that gets more traction in the field of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement. VBPs are usually subject to an agreement or contract where reimbursement is conditional based on a series of agreed criteria. The benefit to healthcare systems and payers is a reduction in risk, whereas the benefit for pharmaceutical companies is an increased chance of obtaining a higher pricing, assuming value is demonstrated. If you do not fully grasp the concept of VBP, you still have some questions or you are just curious, then you really have to follow this 1hr webinar, where prof. Walter Van Dyck, Director of the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre, will give you all the information you need to know!

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Walter Van Dyck - Director Healthcare Management Centre - Vlerick Business School


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