Webinar: Patient experts: an innovative partner to improve patient related outcomes in Belgium

The patient has a unique expertise: “being a patient.” But often patients are insufficiently trained to share their experiences and insights in the care process and to translate them into an improved quality of life as well as into more patient-oriented policy insights and system improvements.

By educating and guiding patients, their expertise can be systematically incorporated into the care process and the ultimate goal can be achieved: improving the quality of care, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

This webinar is for anyone interested in learning what a patient expert is, and what added value patients experts can bring to each of the different stakeholders within healthcare in Belgium

Veerle De Pourcq, coordinator of patient experts at Reumanet vzw, will tell us all about how patient experts are deployed in a professional manner and with strict guidelines within peer groups ('patient expert to peer') and how they contribute to integrated participation in research, education and advice ('patient expert to partner'). Reumanet has extensive experience in deploying patient experts in pharmaceutical companies.


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