BeAPP new years? event ?After a career abroad. One year back in Belgium : my observations and reflections?

Professor Catherine Van Der Straeten graduated as rheumatologist. After an international career, which included academic assignments in the USA and the UK, and many research and developments collaborations in the USA, Canada, European countries, the UK, Australia and South Africa, which brought a wealth of experience in both clinical setting and clinical research, and also as consultant for several international pharmaceutical companies, she was appointed last year as professor at UZ Ghent and UGhent. Professor Van Der Straeten is currently head of Health, Innovation and Research Institute@UZGhent; and was also appointed as chair of the board of Sciensano ( Sciensano builds on the more than 100 years of scientific expertise of the former Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CODA-CERVA) and the ex-Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP). In the near future, the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center ( KCE center ) will also become part of Sciensano. Prof Van Der Straeten is now one year back in Belgium; and will share her observations and reflections on our health care eco-system, still with an ? outsiders ? perspective. Program 15:30 Registration 16:00 Lecture Prof. Van Der Straeten 17:00 Guided tour ?stokerij het Anker? 18:00 New Years? drink