Healixia workshop on RIP role and RIP legislation

This face-to-face workshop is aimed at people with RIP responsibilities. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss different cases with peers, covering topics such as social media and digital advertising, where does RIP stop and compliance start, sample management, international challenges and many more. The aim is to exchange best practices and discuss compliant and future proof way of workings.

Each participant will handle two topics during the workshop itself and there will be a written summary of all topics and best practices discussed, with the most important take-aways. This summary will afterwards also be shared with the regulatory body to raise their awareness of the hot topics discussed.


  • 13h00 – Welcome coffee and registration
  • 13h30 – Introduction: the RIP role in 2022
  • 13h40 – Workshop 1
  • 14h40 – Coffee break
  • 15h00 – Workshop 2
  • 16h00 – Conclusion and discussion
  • 16h30 – End 


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