About Healixia

Healixia is the result of a convergence between ACRP.be, BAPU, BeAPP and BRAS which will continue as a joint new member association.

Healixia is the Belgian community of all professionals active along the life cycle of medicines, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics & other health related products. Members are active in research & development (including pre-clinical, early clinical and later phases), medical affairs, safety, regulatory affairs and market access in industry, academia, investigator sites, authorities, regulatory bodies or in consultancy.

Healixia provides development, education, training and networking opportunities across all members and disciplines. Healixia aims to further professionalize its members and concerned disciplines and is open to work with all relevant stakeholders towards a strong community of professionals in Belgium.

Apart from overall Healixia events there are events and trainings for each of the four Domains: regulatory (formerly by BRAS), medical (formerly by BeAPP), clinical research (formerly by ACRP.be) and early development (formerly by BAPU).

Healixia has a worldwide network of organisations with which we cooperate. Find out more about our Healixia network.

Download here our Healixia logo and a poster about 'The Belgian Healthcare Landscape'

An overview (you can download the infographic here):


If you have a question about Healixia, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Executive Board of Healixia has 2 representatives per Domain:

Healixia president

  • Erik Present

    Erik Present

    (Medical Affairs)

Healixia vice-president

  • Marian Coquel

    Marian Coquel

    (Regulatory Affairs)

Healixia board members

  • Annabelle Bruyndonckx

    Annabelle Bruyndonckx

    (Regulatory Affairs)
  • Dimitri Buytaert

    Dimitri Buytaert

    (Clinical Research)
  • Jan de Hoon

    Jan de Hoon

    (Early Development)
  • Veronique Lins

    Veronique Lins

    (Clinical Research)
  • Koen Raeymaekers

    Koen Raeymaekers

    (Medical Affairs)
  • Sylvie Rottey

    Sylvie Rottey

    (Early Development)