BeAPP Expert meeting ?eHealth?

12:00 ? 13:00 Lunch 13:00 ? 14:00 Expose by expert(s) on topic ?eHealth? 14:00 ? 15:00 Q & A Confirm your participation by mailing your details (First name, name, function and company name) to sends e-mail) Attending this Expert meeting is free of charge for BeAPP members, non-members will be invoiced an attendance fee of 75 euro. Topic: ?eHealth? Insight in the eHealth platform ?the aim, obligations, possibities, ?? given by the general manager. Since 1991, Frank is general manager of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, an institution he conceived and founded. The Crossroads Bank for Social Security elaborates the eGovernment strategy within the Belgian social sector and co-ordinates the implementation of the eGovernment projects in that sector, such as the social security portal. The overall eGovernment program of the Belgian social sector has received a Good Practice Label within the eGovernment Good Practice Framework set up by the European Commission. The Crossroads Bank for Social Security received a first Belgian eGovernment Champion Award in December 2004, a prestigious United Nations Public Service Award for eGovernment in June 2006, a European Public Service Award in October 2007, a second Belgian eGovernment Champion Award in December 2008, and was elected Federal Public Service of the Year 2014. In consequence of the experience and success in the social sector, Frank was asked by the Belgian government in 2007 to conceive the eHealth-platform, a public institution elaborating and managing a platform that supports well-secured electronic information exchange between all actors in the health care sector in order to optimize quality of care, patient safety and scientific health research, and to reduce administrative burden for patients and health care providers. Since 2008 Frank is also general manager of the eHealth-platform. For information security and privacy protection reasons, the eHealth-platform is strictly separated from the Crossroads Bank for Social Security.