The future health ecosystem ? The new rules to win

12:00 ? 13:00 Lunch and networking moment 13:00 ? 14:00 The future health ecosystem-The new rules to win The classical sales-marketing driven approach for farma is coming to his end. Both the eco-system and the relevant stakeholders are changing rapidly. This presentation will elaborate on potential future scenario?s and the 4 cornerstones to be successful as a farma company in 2020 and beyond. Especially the changing role of the medical department will be discussed. Healthcare is currently having its ?transistor moment.? Just as the invention of the transistor boosted computing capacity in the mid-20th century, continuous innovations in life sciences, medicine and IT are revolutionizing healthcare provision. There has been a notable shift to a patient-centered healthcare model, with companies changing their focus from selling curative services and products to selling prevention. To stay competitive, companies need to adapt their business model to the new environment and find new ways of capturing value. There are four cornerstones that can be considered the keys to success in the future health ecosystem. Ingrid Maes, Inovigate, Advisor for EMA and FDA 14:00 ? 14:30 Q&A