Central traceability register: the traceability of certain implants to become compulsory

Source: FAMHP

October 8, 2020

From 1 May 2021, notification of the insertion or removal of implants will become compulsory for the implants listed in the annex to the Royal Decree of 27.09.2020 relating to the Central Traceability Register (RCT in French). This notification was already possible (but not compulsory) for all implants since 2014.

What is the Central Traceability Register (RCT)?
The RCT is a system that centralises notifications of an insertion or removal of implants. It was developed as part of the "Traceability of Implantable Medical Devices" programme. This programme was launched by the Minister of Public Health as the information that had hitherto been recorded on implantable medical devices used in Belgium was not sufficient to ensure full traceability, and also to be able to react quickly and adequately in the event of an incident. One of the main objectives of the RCT is therefore patient safety.

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