IFAPP Today newsletter - nov/dec 2021

Source: IFAPP

December 10, 2021

Please find here the link to the IFAPP TODAY newsletter of November/December 2021.


  1. Patient Christmas Letter
  2. The IFAPP Communication Working Group Welcomes a New Member
  3. Get Acquainted with the Italian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  4. How does Medical Device Regulation Translate in Real Life: Sharing Learnings
  5. Clinical Trial Disruption: Getting Back on Track, Part 1
  6. Joint Annual Symposium of the Two Swiss Societies in Pharmaceutical Medicine SwAPP and SGPM
  7. Proposal for Future Revisions of the Declaration of Helsinki
  8. Announcement of Next Free IFAPP Webinar on Regional COVID-19 Updates
  9. Introduction to Medical Affairs and Pharmaceutical Medicine
  10. Year End Message from Our President