IFAPP Today newsletter - April 2022

Source: IFAPP

April 15, 2022

Please find here the link to the IFAPP TODAY newsletter of April 2022.


  1. Investigational Drug Supply for Seriously Ill Patients in Time of War
  2. IFAPP Board Secretary: Anna Jurczynska
  3. History and Activity of the Pharmaceutical Medicine Section (PhMS) of the Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
  4. The HEART Approach for Clinical Trial Leadership
  5. IFAPP Education and Certification Working Group (ECWG) Reaches First Milestone
  6. Dr Ellen Evelaar New NVFG President
  7. Training as a Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine at Swissmedic
  8. Advance Your Research Skills in Science!
  9. Brigitte Franke-Bray, Treasurer IFAPP, Elected to PharmaTrain Board and Executive Committee
  10. ICPM 2022 Website Ready for Your Registration