The FAMHP publishes its annual report for 2021: all figures and results, trends, activities related to COVID-19 and testimonials from our staff

June 30, 2022

2021 was the year we gradually returned to our normal way of working at the FAMHP. The high workload caused by the pandemic remained present, but numerous other important projects awaited us, such as the implementation of several European legislations. In addition to the traditional facts and figures, the 2021 annual report includes testimonials that demonstrate the commitment and professionalism of our staff.  

Source: FAMHP

Some key figures

  • 43 354 reports of adverse reactions received of medicinal products for human use, many of which were about the COVID-19 vaccines. About three-quarters of the reports came from patients.
  • 2 112 reports of unavailability of medicinal products received. The main causes are a slowdown in production or increased demand. The average duration of an unavailability was 57 days.
  • 332 investigations into illegal medicines and medical devices were conducted by our Special Investigation Unit.
  • 565 marketing authorisation files for medicines were processed.
  • 609 clinical trial applications were processed.
  • 257 licenses for raw materials used in magistral and officinal preparations were granted.
  • 705 laboratory analyses of products on the market were performed.
  • 3 613 postal packages containing non-compliant products from outside the EEA were blocked.

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