Antibiotics: amoxicillin for injection/infusion again available under the trade name Delamoxyle

July 5, 2022

The availability of appropriate antimicrobial medicines is important to fight antimicrobial resistance. The FAMHP strives to keep or to bring essential antimicrobial products on the market and to keep healthcare professionals and patients well informed. Again, as a result of those efforts:  amoxicillin for injection/infusion has been back on the market in Belgium since April.

Source: FAMHP

The FAMHP systematically monitors the availability of antibiotics and alternatives. For new antibiotics, the FAMHP proactively contacts marketing authorisation holders to suggest their marketing in Belgium. For antibiotics no longer for sale, we look for solutions by consulting the relevant marketing authorisation holders or other companies. Earlier this year, four other essential antimicrobial medicines already became available (again) in Belgium: amukin, zerbaxa, broxil and rukobia.

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