IFAPP Today newsletter - April 2023

Source: IFAPP

April 17, 2023

Please find here the link to the IFAPP TODAY newsletter of April 2023.


  1. IFAPP European Regional Meeting is Coming Soon
  2. Nikos Tsokanas – New IFAPP Treasurer
  3. IFAPP Free Webinar "Key Principles for Electronic Product Information in the EU" - 20 April 2023
  4. Dr Hasan Mahmood, BAPP President and IFAPP Communication WG Member
  5. Bangladesh: An Emerging Power in Pharmaceuticals
  6. "Boosting Austria's Position as a Research Destination"
  7. MDR Extension Deadline: It’s Set in Stone
  8. Clinical Trials 2023: Results to Look Forward
  9. Webinar on the New EU Clinical Trials Regulation – Follow-up
  10. Clinical Research in Rare Diseases Could Accelerate the Authorisation of New Drugs by Public and Private Payers